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Friday, January 18, 2013

Summer Skin

Sweater- UNIF, Shorts- American Apparel, Thigh Highs- Urban Outfitters
For the past week or so it has been "freezing" here in San Diego. But the past few days it finally began to warm up, which meant I could finally whip out these shorts. They are basically rediculously short and I feel pin up-esque in them, It's marvelous. 

Also, I just recently discovered the band Tennis. Their retro beach-ish vibe makes me so nostalgic for summer. Good thing I conveniently live on the beach. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Like Gold

Top- Cotton On, Pants- American Apparel, Shoes- T.U.K. Creepers, Ratchet Chain- H&M 
Well I haven't posted in 5evr. I was actually debating if I still wanted to post and do this whole blog thing, but I had these pictures sitting around on my computer so I figured eh, why not. 
So 2013 has brought lots of changes for me. I now go by the name of Tayshawn (after Kreayshawn lololol) and am addicted to ping pong. But that's pretty much it. 

So I thought I would take a moment and gush over two of my favorite short hair babes. Whenever I see another girl with short hair it's like instant love. There's this whole secret sister ship for short hair ladies. I swear. It's a real thing. 

1. Shevah
Not only is she a mega babe x 1000000, but she seriously has the most perfect style. Like, I can't even. I've been following her for a while and she is easily one of my favorite bloggers. Check out her blog here!!!

2. Lynn
I only recently discovered her while meandering through lookbook, but as you can tell it was instant love. Her outfits are so different from each other. Basically I am really inspired by her style right now. Check out her blog here!