Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teenagers From Mars

Shirt- Borrowed, Skirt- Urban Outfitters, Belt- DIY

Isn't this shirt marvelous?! Oh how I wish it was mine. A really good friend of mine has all these awesome shirts. As soon as I saw this one, I had to snatch it from her (along with a "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt). I have a weird love for aliens, and appreciate anything dealing with them. 
Also, how awesome is this belt? I actually made it for prom. It was a terrible experience, trying to make it. It took hours trying to make holes in the belt to screw in the spikes. But it was so worth it. People always ask me if it scratches me. Surprisingly, it isn't too uncormfortable. (Even if it was, I'd still wear it.) The only time it did scratch me was at prom, but that's because I was dancing. I obviously didn't have a date..... 

See ya losers. 


  1. You made a type-o...I WAS YOUR PROM DATE!

  2. Man,just to say that your blog is incredible and i´m following


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