Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Magic

Sweater- UNIF, Jacket- Tunnel Vision, Shoes- Thrifted
Last night I went to that Crystal Castles concert that I've been talking about for a while. It was SOO CRAZY AND SOO AMAZING. Probably one of my favorite concerts I've been too. The whole thing felt like a dream and Alice Glass is so beautiful and creature-like. 

Do you guys remember my cool friend Naya who made me that awesome "Wake Up You're Not Cool" shirt and I told you to check out her facebook page? Well she now has a blogspot. I really encourage everyone to check it out, and I'm not just saying that because she is a close friend. It's such a perfect combination of her amazing style, photography, and writing skills. 

Also, this may be a weird thing to post on a fashion blog, but I really love getting mail at school. Like a lot. Like I may or may not have ordered some cheap accessories off ebay just so I would get mail...........
So if you would like, you should mail me a letter! Even if we've never spoken before! And it doesn;t have to ba about anything, you could just draw me a picture of a narwhal because narwhals are great animals. And if you send me something I'll mail you something back. We could be cute and be pen pals! 
Taylor Balding
3900 Lomaland Drive 
San Diego, CA 92106 

I normally wouldn't have posted my address, but since it's just my school address and I've already said what school I go to, if someone wanted to creep on me they already could have. 

Maybe that was weird. Whatever it's worth a shot. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gold on the Ceiling

Pants- Urban Outfitters, Jacket- Lamb and Flag, Lace Bralette- Urban Outfitters
These pictures are kind of old. I've been so busy with midterms that I haven't had time to update my blog. But I'm finally done, PRAISE DA LORD. Too bad after hours of studying french, the only thing I know how to say is "Bonjour, ça va?" oops.
Also these pictures are semi-misleading because I cut all my hair off :O

This is my hair now. I lovvveee it! It's so freeing having short hair. I'm planning on going even shorter next time. I don't know why I waited so long to cut it. 
(These pictures are from instagram, follow me if you wish! @taylorbalding) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Tank- American Apparel, Shorts- H&M, Jacket- Tunnel Vision, Boots- Dr. Martens
If you look up the word "slut" in the dictionary you get a lot of ugly definitions, including: "a dirty slatternly woman", "an immoral woman", and "A woman prostitute." I don't know about  you, but I don't see prostitutes walking around that often. Yet the word slut is so embedded into every day conversation. 
 It is sad how much society focuses on tearing each other down. Especially between girls. Why is it that women crave to see each other hurt? Why are we not supporting each other and standing by each other like we should be? 
The thing is, a "slut" has no particular uniform. Someone's sex life is not defined by their choice of dress. And not only that, but someone's sex life is no one else's business! Everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs, of course, but NO ONE has the right to judge someone else based off their own beliefs. If you are offended by someone's outfit, then maybe you need to see if there is some aspect in your own life that makes you feel that way. Every women has the right to her own body. No one should feel they have to dress a certain way to make someone else happy, and NO ONE should be made to feel guilty about what they are wearing. 
I understand that everyone has their own definition and view of modesty. And modesty is a great thing! But at the same time, why are we so offended by the human body? The human body is beautiful and showing skin should not be a bad thing. We should be dressing for ourselves and in a way that makes us feel good and empowered. That being said, there is a difference between dressing in a way that empowers you and dressing in a way that makes yourself an object. For example, there is a difference between wearing a bikini to the beach and wearing a thong bikini and writing "spank me" on your back. I believe that one of the biggest problems women face is becoming objectified. And I think this could be easily avoided if women learned to dress for themselves, not for attention from men. If women being looked at as objects was not such a problem, then I don't think modest would be such an issue either.  

Now, I'm terrible at writing, so I wouldn't be surprised if none of this made any sense. But basically what I'm trying to get at is that slut-shaming and body policing have become way too much of a commonplace in our society. And I am in no way ok with this.
Ladies. Please realize that there is nothing wrong with sticking up for ourselves. We should not be following society's trend of tearing each other down, we should be supporting each other. 

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Lamentations 3:22-23
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