Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Magic

Sweater- UNIF, Jacket- Tunnel Vision, Shoes- Thrifted
Last night I went to that Crystal Castles concert that I've been talking about for a while. It was SOO CRAZY AND SOO AMAZING. Probably one of my favorite concerts I've been too. The whole thing felt like a dream and Alice Glass is so beautiful and creature-like. 

Do you guys remember my cool friend Naya who made me that awesome "Wake Up You're Not Cool" shirt and I told you to check out her facebook page? Well she now has a blogspot. I really encourage everyone to check it out, and I'm not just saying that because she is a close friend. It's such a perfect combination of her amazing style, photography, and writing skills. 

Also, this may be a weird thing to post on a fashion blog, but I really love getting mail at school. Like a lot. Like I may or may not have ordered some cheap accessories off ebay just so I would get mail...........
So if you would like, you should mail me a letter! Even if we've never spoken before! And it doesn;t have to ba about anything, you could just draw me a picture of a narwhal because narwhals are great animals. And if you send me something I'll mail you something back. We could be cute and be pen pals! 
Taylor Balding
3900 Lomaland Drive 
San Diego, CA 92106 

I normally wouldn't have posted my address, but since it's just my school address and I've already said what school I go to, if someone wanted to creep on me they already could have. 

Maybe that was weird. Whatever it's worth a shot. 


  1. Your hair is literally beyond stunning. AAAGH CRYSTAL CASTLES. I was going to see them on Saturday night but it ended up being my friend's birthday that day so I canceled. I cried, very little, but I cried. I'm happy you had fun though!

  2. You look so gorgeous! Love that jumper :) omg I've always wanted a pen pal <3 xx

  3. you have an amazing style, love the jumper. and your photos are fab xx

  4. so going to send you something, if only cause sending a letter to san diago sounds damn cool.

  5. very cool, awesome photos too.
    Plus you live in san diego, which makes you even cooler.

  6. love this outfit!! the dress is gorgeous!

  7. You looks really nice and charming, and if you can just take a look at can be very nice

  8. Awesome outfit <33

    X Jenny

  9. Sooo cool! Great outfit :D

    Lots of kisses, Elena

  10. Love this outfit, awesome photos.
    Maddie xx

  11. Great outfit
    I love your blog! Following now X


  12. Loove your style - cool shoes! love your blog - subscribed :)


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