Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Even though I've been on summer break the past couple weeks, it's been so cold in Orange County!! I have yet to wear shorts, and haven't stopped bringing a jacket with me when I leave the house. Now if this sounds like a complaint, it definitely is not. I'm so not ready to ditch layers, and I'm sure I'll keep wearing outfits like this even when the weather doesn't permit.

I love these pants sent to me by Australian company Buddha Wear. They are so comfy and light weight, so I can keep wearing them when it gets hotter. They also sent me this belt, which is the softest leather. Most likely you will be seeing it a lot on here over the next couple months. Also I'm obsessed with these glasses from zeroUV. You can't tell from these pictures too much, but they're actually transition lenses. So they are clear when I go inside. I am so obsessed and I don't even know why.

(Pants c/o Buddha Wear // Belt c/o Buddha Wear // Jacket and Bag- Zara // Shoes- Urban Outfitters // Glasses c/o zeroUV)

Monday, May 11, 2015


Summer style hack: find your old floral maxi dress from your grunge phase and tie it to the side for a sweet updated summer blouse.

Also I am currently obsessed with this clutch sent to me by the coolest UK company Daughter of Jon.

I'm probably going to carry this clutch around all summer so get ready to see it on my blog a ton. I love how clean cut and light weight it is. Not only that but Daughter of Jon is fair trade, which is so important. And they use sustainable fish leather! If any of you find yourselves in London in the near future, you can currently find this bag at the Topshop at Oxford Circus, or check out their website daughterofjon.com.

(Top- Vintage Dress // Pants- Camp Collection // Shoes- Zara // Bag c/o Daughter of Jon

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's in my Bag: ASOS Collab

I got the opportunity to team up with ASOS for a classic "What's in my Bag?" post. I literally have always wanted to do one of these for whatever reason so when ASOS asked me if I would be interested I was pretty stoked. First off, I am in love with this bag they sent me. I was needing a good summer bag, and I'm all about this tote trend right now. Also I'm definitely the type that prepares for any extreme event anytime I leave the house, so its perfect for me to pack a ton of stuff. Also its white leather which is always a good idea. 

So these are the contents of my bag, which I consider more or less necessity: 
  1. A wallet (duh) 
  2. Keys (duh) which also have a swiss army knife on it which has been the most useful thing ever
  3. Sunglasses
  4. A notebook, because I always find myself randomly needed a piece of paper 
  5. Chocolate. Ok well this may be a lot nicer than what I normally have, but I almost always carry candy in my bag. There's nothing better than thinking "Wow I could really go for some chocolate right now. Good thing I have some!" 
  6. A mirror. This is actually my mom's old Chanel compact, which she gave me because all the powder is gone. Which is perfect because I keep Advil where the powder used to be. 
  7. Lipstick (duh) also this is the best lipstick ever. It's pretty subtle and super moisturizing, so its perfect for every day. This color is called Confident, if you're interested.
  8. A green juice, because I'm that kind of blogger (and it's called Pulp Fiction so) 
  9. Reading material. This magazine is so cool. It's directed toward women working in creative fields. And overall its just nicely put together. You can check out their website here
  10. Playing cards. I had a friend in high school that always carried playing cards with her, and sometimes there was nothing better than playing an impromptu game of Speed. So now I try to also carry them around, and haven't regretted it yet. 

*Not pictured: random receipts, food wrappers, probably a whole sandwich, my camera since I was using it to take pictures, and a little bit of sand. 

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