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Tank- American Apparel, Shorts- H&M, Jacket- Tunnel Vision, Boots- Dr. Martens
If you look up the word "slut" in the dictionary you get a lot of ugly definitions, including: "a dirty slatternly woman", "an immoral woman", and "A woman prostitute." I don't know about  you, but I don't see prostitutes walking around that often. Yet the word slut is so embedded into every day conversation. 
 It is sad how much society focuses on tearing each other down. Especially between girls. Why is it that women crave to see each other hurt? Why are we not supporting each other and standing by each other like we should be? 
The thing is, a "slut" has no particular uniform. Someone's sex life is not defined by their choice of dress. And not only that, but someone's sex life is no one else's business! Everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs, of course, but NO ONE has the right to judge someone else based off their own beliefs. If you are offended by someone's outfit, then maybe you need to see if there is some aspect in your own life that makes you feel that way. Every women has the right to her own body. No one should feel they have to dress a certain way to make someone else happy, and NO ONE should be made to feel guilty about what they are wearing. 
I understand that everyone has their own definition and view of modesty. And modesty is a great thing! But at the same time, why are we so offended by the human body? The human body is beautiful and showing skin should not be a bad thing. We should be dressing for ourselves and in a way that makes us feel good and empowered. That being said, there is a difference between dressing in a way that empowers you and dressing in a way that makes yourself an object. For example, there is a difference between wearing a bikini to the beach and wearing a thong bikini and writing "spank me" on your back. I believe that one of the biggest problems women face is becoming objectified. And I think this could be easily avoided if women learned to dress for themselves, not for attention from men. If women being looked at as objects was not such a problem, then I don't think modest would be such an issue either.  

Now, I'm terrible at writing, so I wouldn't be surprised if none of this made any sense. But basically what I'm trying to get at is that slut-shaming and body policing have become way too much of a commonplace in our society. And I am in no way ok with this.
Ladies. Please realize that there is nothing wrong with sticking up for ourselves. We should not be following society's trend of tearing each other down, we should be supporting each other. 


  1. I completely agree. You know, something happened a few days ago in my English class that I'm going to talk about in my next blog post, but I'll just tell you in this comment because I think this post IS wonderfully written accompanied by a WONDERFUL outfit. Okay, so my teacher assigned us to create our own nine levels of hell, based on what we think is a reason. Some examples: Betrayers, pedophiles, murderers, and so on. One group, made of two girls and one boy, had one powerpoint slide titled 'loose girls'. Immediatley, I became frustrated (to myself of course). As I was waiting for them to justify their title, I read the slide and began to feel my eyes swell up. Their description of the sinner was as follows: Girls who wear short shorts, girls who sleep with boys too soon (what really is 'too' soon?), girls who basically feel SO confident and empowered in themselves and their sexuality basically was what they were describing. My sadness turned into anger. I couldn't believe my eyes, especially since it was TWO girls, and one boy in this group. Obviously, I would still be angry as hell if it was three boys, because I'd obviously come to the conclusion of "oh, it's just stupid misogynist boys who won't learn what the hell equality is until they're 30, if even then, or EVER." Basically, I couldn't believe that teenage girls who had access to the internet, were the definition of anti-feminist and were proud of it. They were proud of waiting a year of dating this boy to have sex because that meant they weren't "sluts" which equals stupid, apparently. Now I REALLY feel obligated to make a post about this. I will probably just copy and paste this comment, haha. ANYWAYS, YOU'RE AWESOME. THIS OUTFIT IS AWESOME. AWESOMENESS ALL OVER (like it isn't always?!!!?)

  2. PS I fucking love your new banner! Pretty cacti is pretty.. *drool*

  3. SHIT. YOU WIN ALL THE AWARDS. ALL. OF. THE. AWARDS. SO MIGHT RIGHT-NESS IN THIS BLOG POST. So many people CRITICIZE girls for wearing what they want and doing what they want and having ownership over their own bodies and sexuality and I'm just like WTF PEOPLE. SHUT UP. Like, what's so wrong about wearing short shorts and a cropped tank? What is negative about that? IT'S AWESOME is what it is. Wearing what you want and not dressing for men is the fucking best thing ever.

    Also, what's really common, especially among staff members at my school, is people reasoning that one must dress "conservatively" and cover up so that they don't offend anybody. But, like, why is it my problem to dress for everyone else and hope that I don't offend everyone else? By that logic, I should cover all of my skin, including my ankles and hair and whatnot, because there are people out there who might be offended by THAT. So, when you think about it, they're kind of just telling you to not show skin to fit a conservative bullshit slut-shaming (often Christian-centric) I had no idea I was going to pull religion into that one...weird shit.

    Anyways, this is awesome. I feel like I kind of want to turn that comment into a blog post now as well...whatevs.

    Also, your outfit RULES. Your jacket is so baggy and awesome and it makes me want to cry in a good way. LOOOOVE.

  4. Love this post and I totally agree with you on the whole 'slut' business! I like to dress what other people may call a bit slutty sometimes especially on a night out, but hey ho its what I like right?
    Also love this outfit, the socks are sexual! xxx

  5. You wrote this really well :) totally agree with it! Girls should always dress for themselves and no one else! You look mighty fine as always, dya fancy moving to the uk so we can share wardrobes? :) xx

  6. You are incredibly gorgeous and your style is so interestin, big fan!

  7. Amen sister.

    xx lauren

  8. bravo! love you! i am such an advocate of grrrl love... we should be supporting each other!!!!


    i love your socks :D

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  10. Why would you say you're a terrible writer? I feel like everything you have written echoes what I feel. Great post. I can't believe I haven't found your blog before. x


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