Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Golden Days

Top- Zara, Vest- Vintage, Leggings & Hat- H&M, Shoes- Pink & Pepper, Rings- Galisfly
If I haven't made it completely obvious that I'm on a huge simplicity kick, let me make it even more obvious. It's interesting because in a year I've gone from wearing a ton of jewelry to almost none at all. The company Galisfly sent me these rings, and I'm in love. They totally go along perfectly with my simplicity obsession. In fact they've pretty much been the only jewelry I've worn the past few days. Also, I'm wearing another pair of shoes from Pink & Pepper. I actually was able to wear these around my campus all day with no complains. Definitely a proud moment for me.

In all honesty, I can be weird about blogger promotions. I feel like a lot of bloggers these days become their promotions, and thus lose the authenticity that once made their blog what it is. That being said, if I didn't completely love a brand–if I wouldn't buy their products on my own terms–then I would not promote it. So these are companies that I actually am passionate about and my way of showing support for them. 


  1. Love these pictures! Thr background is so beautiful,rings are stunning too x

  2. love!


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