Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Jacket- Zara, Top- Forever 21, Skirt- Forever 21, Shoes c/o G by Guess
I feel like this outfit accurately depicts the style I am currently coveting. Although, I feel like I have sinned against the blogger community by not pairing this outfit with Birkenstocks. I have a confession to make- I absolutely hate this Birkenstock trend. And it's not because I don't like how they look or anything. But something about taking this item that was previously not associated with fashion and now seeing it produced by Dolce and Gabbana is rubbing me the wrong way. It's this whole normcore idea. It's kind of on the same page for me as some contemporary art, where you just look at it and ask, "Does this really count as art??" (or in this case fashion). But don't get me wrong, I see some people pull off this trend very well. But the overall concept of it is what gets me. So that being said, I decided to go with these G by Guess shoes (found here) in attempt to add a little more to my minimal look.


  1. Love the all black theme in your outfit! I actually half agree with you on the Birkenstock's trend, but I still think they look great on others as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. wowow just when I thought this outfit couldn't get any better I saw your shoes and they are so badass <3


  3. I'm in love with your outfits and the back drop is stunning in these!


  4. I agree with you, Birkenstocks remind me of my mum in the nineties when we lived in the middle of nowhere, outback Australia. I just can't think of them as 'fashion' or whatever.

  5. I understand where you're coming from on the whole Birkenstock issue. But I think it's also important to remember that fashion is always being appropriated from, mass-manufactured, and adapting and changing throughout the decades. Dolce and Gabbana is not doing something that hasn't already been done before. Furthermore, Birkenstocks don't just have to take the form of "norm core." That's not it's only identity, necessarily. You can see it through different lenses: the footwear choice of the 70s flower child...or a facet in the stark minimalism of the early millennial aesthetic. Perhaps at one point, Birkenstocks HAVE been associated with being "fashionable"...it's just that we simply have not lived in that decade or culture to be cognizant of it, and therefore view it as such. But that's the great thing about fashion. It's always evolving and never lies on a explicit and predictable path.

    1. Oh no I completely understand this. Especially as a fashion student this concept is nothing new to me. I'm not saying Birkenstocks being a trend is a terrible thing that needs to stop. I'm not even saying Dolce and Gabbana is in the wrong for making a pair. I'm coming from a completely personal place and explaining why I personally just can't catch on to this trend. I just don't view them as a lot of other people do. I mainly don't connect with the appeal, but if other people want to wear them then thats fine. Its just a trend I'm choosing not to follow.

  6. I'm also a little tired of Birckenstock, but I'm totally into the bath sandal and ankle socks trend. Saw Norelle Rheingold (norelle-rheingold.blogspot.dk) wearing it a couple of days ago, and damn, she pulled it off!
    I love your hair btw :)

  7. Oh, and just one question: How/where did you make your header? I really like it :)


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