Friday, February 27, 2015


Two Things:

1. How amazing is this dress?!? It's denim. It's midi. It's collared. Maybe its just me, but I think I found my dream dress. And the perfect excuse to incorporate denim into more of my outfits. Thank you, Oh My Love, for making all my denim dreams come true.

2. Meet my new leather jacket. I never knew I wanted a white leather jacket until I encountered this Schott Perfecto. Wow guys its so great to be in love. And yes, I did already have a leather jacket. But it never fit me right and well, I've come out of the dark side. So I probably will be selling that one soon, so if you're looking for a standard (real) leather biker jacket for remotely cheat hit me up. In the meantime, you'll be seeing this bad boy in many posts to come, regardless of the weather.

(Dress c/o Oh My Love // Jacket- Schott // Hat- Brixton // Loafers- Weejuns)


  1. Love the white-on-white look! That jacket is to die for x

  2. That dress is super pretty and looks great on you!

    Natasha |

  3. I love your white leather jacket! It makes me want one of my own! I wear my black one so much I figure white would be just as versatile. Yours looks fantastic with your new denim dress.

    Jamie |


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