Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Goodbyes are weird. These pictures are from a going away bonfire I had recently. Even though I didn't  move too far and I'll be back for breaks, it's weird knowing you won't see people you are used to seeing every day. 
I apologize for the lack of outfit posts. I'm currently trying to get in the swing of things at school and I hope I'll be able to figure out a time to take blog pictures soon. 

Now I have something that's been bugging me that I wanted to talk about. About a week ago, Urban Outfitters featured a picture of me on their facebook page, which was pretty cool. It was a picture from my post where I wore overalls, with a caption that read "Taylor channeling the 90’s in thrifted overalls and our lace bralette and spike bracelets."  (Which was a little awkward considering my bracelets weren't from there.) 
But what bugged me were the comments. I'd like to start off by saying that I am very secure with myself, (obviously or I would not be able to dress the way I do) so none of the comments hurt me. In fact, I found most of them hilarious and entertaining. Ever since I started a blog, I figured I would be getting some negative feedback at some point. I've actually been pretty blessed to really not experience any of this. So far I feel the blogging community has been very supportive and encouraging. 

On this picture, the comments varied basically in four types:

1. Complimenting my outfit (which was all really nice!)

2. Criticizing my outfit (which is totally fine. Lets be honest, overalls are ugly. Most people don't like them. I understand that, and I am in not way out there dressing to please anyone other than myself. If you don't like the way I dress and feel the need to tell me so, that it completely fine.)

3. Complaining about how young I look (Yes, I realize I look very young for my age. Some comments  even said I look 9, which I thought was completely ridiculous and hilarious. But either way, why would my age matter? Urban Outfitters was talking about my OUTFIT, not me personally as a model. My age is completely irrelevant to talk about.) 

4. Complaining about my weight. 

Now, that last point is what I mainly want to talk about. I do not understand society's obsession with other people's weight. HOW does that effect your life? What exactly are you achieving by talking about how much another person weighs? Not only is that the main reason many girls and boys today have eating disorders and confidence issues, but it is a COMPLETE waste of time. Yes, I realize I am skinny. But I do not believe I look unhealthy. First off, I am only 5'2". Second, I eat a TON. The last time I exercised was probably like 2 or more years ago when I danced. There is such thing called a fast metabolism, meaning being skinny does not mean you are unhealthy! People need to realize that there is more than one body type, and if someone else's body type bothers you, then I think you really need to reevaluate yourself. I think the comment that pissed me off the most was "Somebody feed that girl a big mac. Honestly, it's choices like this that make millions of girls have eating disorders every year. Just saying. Dove Campaign had a pretty solid point:"  and then proceeded to post the video from that campaign. What choice is this person even talking about? No, it is not models who cause eating diorders. It is the people COMMENTING on the models weight, the people who feel the need to make other people's weight a point of discussion. 

I'm lucky though. My situation was not bad at all, and other people's comments don't bother me personally. But what saddens me is that every day girls are subjected to this type of abuse and worse, and are not able to deal with it. It's just sad that things such as suicide result from a person sitting behind a computer screen who has nothing better then to make terrible comments about someone else. 

People sicken me. 


  1. Preach it, sister. If those comments didn't bother you then I'm impressed! Personally, I am right there with you on the whole being harassed for being naturally "skinny" bit. I was accused of having an eating disorder for yearssss. People fucking suck. But not you! :)

  2. People are basically the worst. Blogging has really shown me everyone's true nature, or something like that, and people are just infinitely shittier than I ever could have possibly imagined. So, you will only get worse, the more you're exposed to people at the truest form.


  3. People are fucking idiots. Good job keeping your cool, because reading the comments on that picture made me angry. Like, i wanna punch those dicks though the screen. And the "eat a burger" comment, like, really? Can't we come up with more original material? I've heard that (sometimes yelled at me by strangers) since I was 13. You are strong and wonderful.

  4. couldnt agree more! i also feel like people who are bigger or struggle with weight issues tend to pick on the skinnier girls to make them feel better, because society picks on them first. but life would be so much easier if we stopped obsessing over weight and just focused and what made us feel happy. and just because these people have an opinion doesnt mean they need to voice it -.- i wish people understood that!

  5. woah i was just reading this post because i am a creepy creeper and you posted it over a month ago but WOAH EW PEOPLE ARE FREAKIN' TERRIBLE SOMETIMES. UGH.
    1. As long as you're healthy 'n stuff, YOUR WEIGHT DOESN'T MATTER. People should be respected no matter how much or how little they weigh. It shouldn't even be taken into account, whether they are "too thin" or "too fat" for some idiot's standards. You weren't being featured for your body or someshiz. it was for your fucking awesome clothing.
    2. Even if one wasn't being healthy, IT IS STILL NOT A MATTER OF PUBLIC OPINION. SERIOUSLY. Society, calm da fuck down about your freaky obsession with weight.

    yes please come live with me we can have all the angry rants togethaaah


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