Friday, August 3, 2012


Tank- Thrifted, Cut Off Leggings- DIY, Sunglasses- H&M, Sandals & Cross Necklace- Gift
Crazy times people. So much has happend in this past week I don't know if I've ever gotten a chance to take a break. I've basically been living at the beach, specifically the US Open of Surf. If you don't know what that is, it's this HUGE surfing convention, with lots of surfers, girls with no self respect, and free concerts. Both Best Coast and Grouplove preformed, but I had to miss Best Coast. I'm still sad about that, because Best Coast is up there on my list of bands I love. But I got to see Grouplove, which was really cool. If you live somewhere where going to Huntington Beach isn't impossible, I encourage you to check it out. It is both extremely terrible and extremely fun at the same time. It's basically as close as you get to that California stereotype. 
Also, I love Crystal Castles, and am currently obsessing over their new single, hence the title of this post.


  1. I love Grouplove! I got to see them this summer and again in NYC in Nov! So cool, love the Grateful Dead tank, I have so many vintage ones from my dad.

    xx lauren

  2. I actually went on Wednesday, as well! I did get to see Best Coast, which was super amazing, but I definitely couldn't agree with you more on the 'girls with no self respect' ordeal. Godamn, that crowd was SHIIIIIT. I mean, what should I expect anyways from a free concert on the beach in an area full of rich people? Most of the people in the crowd didn't have a clue who Best Coast was and just went because they were bored and live a block away. That doesn't give them the right to be total dicks. I swear, there this one annoying girl who was hitting, like literally punching and throwing her body at everyone around her (me being one of the surrounding persons). She literally ruined the last three songs for me because she was making me hit people really hard as a result of the force of her body hitting mine. I hope I never see her again.

    On a lighter note, FUCK YEAH THE GRATEFUL DEAD.

  3. Love the hat! The whole outfit looks awesome
    Mirror and Moon

  4. you are AWESOME. like oh my god on the shirt. so effing good!

  5. YESSSS bike shorts! Yes! You're reading my mind. this outfit is rad


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