Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clair de Lune

Yesterday I went on an adventure, so I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took. Plus it's been a while, so I figured a huge post was necessary. 

I was happy because I love cactuses–excuse me, cacti. (whatever) 

Gurl I know my lips are chapped, whatever, put your hair down.

This is the best picture I got of my eyeball earring, I'm sorry. But even though you can barely see him, he's there in spirit.

Ok seriously how cute are they? I don't know very many people who can go hiking and still dress totally rad.

See the moon right thur? Hence the title? Ah-ha, connections.
Actually the reason I look dead was because it was freezing and I technically didn't have a shirt on so I couldn't feel anything.

Overalls- Thrifted, Lace Bra- Urban Outfitters, Beanie- Krochet Kids, Pins- An antique mall and modern art museum! 

Ever since I was little, I wanted to learn how to play the piano. I think this partially stems from seeing all my friends take lessons when I was really young, and my jealousy when they would play for me and I had to just sit there and watch. One year for Christmas my brother got a crappy little keyboard, and I used to look up how to play songs on youtube and try to memorize how to play them on the keyboard. I hated it because even though I could nail the songs down sometimes, it never sounded right because you really can't capture the beauty of a grand piano on those cheap little plastic keys. 
Classical music has always had a soft spot in my heart, I think mainly because I used to dance. Now I was always bad, and to be honest I don't really miss it, but if anything I miss ballet. Ballet was always the hardest for me, but I remember when I got my first pair of pointe shoes how powerful and beautiful I felt. 
Clair de Lune is definitely one of my favorite songs. I don't think I've ever heard something that compares to the beauty and heartbreak in that song. It makes me think of the days from when I danced, which is part of the reason I think I love it so much. Even though I may still have never gotten piano lessons, that dream hasn't died for me. I'm determined to learn how to play before I die, and one of the first songs I want to learn how to play is Clair de Lune. 

I like how this title and everything I wrote in this post doesn't relate to my outfit in the slightest. 
Also I'm hoping to get a huge eyeball patch to put on the front pocket of these overalls, just to make them even more ridiculous. I've currently got my EYE on one on ebay. Lolz get it?!?! Ok I'll stop now.


  1. just found your blog and i love it! amazing style :)

  2. you're so adorable. hey why dontcha come meet up with the four of us (maybe even 5) in Long Beach on Saturday? you lil ballerina, you.

    1. you don't know how badly I want to. Unfortunately this is literally the only weekend this whole summer that I'm going out of town :( That would have been so awesome though!!

    2. awesome! i've been living in my cut off overalls! love your blog xoxo

  3. Your outfit is badass. I love playing the piano, I took lessons while I was growing up and love going home to it.

    xx lauren

  4. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! Your sense of style is the epitome of perfection! I didn't have to think twice about following you- I hope you're having a lovely day :) xxx

  5. You are amazing. seriously. also move to LA, and then live with me and Larissa and Rachel. and love will ensue.


    ps eye ball patch, yes.

  6. LOVE DIS. Yeah, I'm, a week behind, but move to LA!


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