Tuesday, September 11, 2012

She prays the rosary for my broken mind, I sing the body electric

Shirt- Thrifted, Pants- Some online store that disappeared, Jacket- Forever 21 *sigh*, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell 
Right by my school, there is this place called Ocean Beach. I've gone there several times now, each time overwhelmed by all the amazing thrift stores. This top, for example, is a Ralph Lauren shirt I picked up at a store where EVERYTHING is two dollars. 

Also, Lana Del Rey is perfect. 


  1. in love with this outfit :) so glad I found you on lookbook! x

  2. obviously that amazing shirt was thrifed! and yeah OB is a radical place. just the right amount of filth. you look incredible as always!

  3. I love the accessories, especially the hamsa hand necklace :)

  4. Oh man I love your style! Just found your blog, big fan baby!x

  5. I just discovered your blog and oh my, I'm a little bit obsessed! I didn't have to think twice about following you! Your sense of style is absolutely amazing xxx


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