Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sorry Not Sorry

Dress- UNIF, Shoes- Thrifted, Vest- DIY

Who doesn't love some platformed 'murica shoes? I feel like they're like pugs: they're are so ugly that they're awesome. I love pugs by the way. 

Please explain to me how someone can not love this face?! 

This was actually the dress I wore to my high school's winter formal last year. I loved it so much that I figured I'd try to find use for it during a normal day. It may possibly be one of my favorite things I own, besides my Docs of course. UNIF kills me. 

Also, I'm going through an obsession with Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. I'm 98% sure I'm cutting my hair like Edie's. I've been wanting to cut all my hair off for almost 2 years now, and now I feel more sure about it. 
Bye bye hair. 


  1. I had Edie short hair once and it was so liberating, kind of like what Emma Watson said! Wish I was brave enough to do it again. Love your dress, and that RAD jacket is exactly that x

  2. You look gorgeous! Love that jacket so much :) xx

  3. so cute! all your looks are fab!

  4. Love those shoes! This outfit is amazing, you have such a great style. I'm following you now! x

    ps. Pugs are cuuuuuttteeeee!

  5. Your vest is amazing, good job on the DIY! x

  6. cant wait to see your hair cut omgggggggg

  7. This outfit is amazing! Love ittt!

  8. Ahhh pugs! (sorry for this irrelevent comment, but really, love pugs!) xo, Elien
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