Monday, February 18, 2013

What the Grunge?

So lately I've been slightly perplexed. With NYFW just finishing, new trends are especially being talked about right now. But there is one in particular that I keep hearing as the "new trend for 2013"– grunge.
Like hold on a second. 
That's the "new" trend? Like I am legitimately confused. As far as I know, grunge has been the major trend for the past YEAR, and honestly, I think it's beginning to fade rather quickly. I don't know about you, but the more I see preteens walking around in flannels and Nirvana shirts they picked up from Brandy Melville, the less I have the desire to wear basically what has been my uniform for the past year. And while I can assure you that there are certain things I will never ditch, like my Docs and denim jacket, I feel like the whole "wear as many contrasting prints, especially floral, as you can and try to look as homeless as possible" thing is really getting old.
And maybe that is just me. And maybe this has a large part to do with the short hair. Ever since I cut my hair I've strangely been craving simplicity and a weird form of elegance and class. But I think a large part of this has to do with the 60s coming back in. For me, that is the prominent trend of the year. I mean just look:  
Louis Vuitton 
Marc Jacobs
Or how about my favorite, and honestly all that matters. CHLOË FREAKING SEVIGNY X opening ceremony: 

In fact I really encourage you to check out her whole collection HERE because honestly it's beyond perfect. 
Now I'm not saying ditch the 90s altogether. Because I definitely think this 60s trend should be taken with an edgy grungy approach. But I think it's time to say goodbye to that floral maxi and oversized flannel. 
I'm really hoping to dive more into this trend, but at the moment I don't have the finances to fuel this desire. Speaking of finances, I recently added some freaking awesome buttons to my etsy. Check them out HERE!


  1. in my opinion grunge is not a fashion trend this is a style of music. Sorry for my English ;/

    1. Well technically it's both– it's more of a subculture so those who listened to grunge music and were part of the grunge scene of the 90s adopted the same sense of style, similar to punks. And while I really love the whole movement, I think in terms of taking inspiration from the movement and using it in modern day style is not as popular as it was last year.

    2. So how thinking grunge human? I am listen grunge music but i don't think 'i'm grunge' and you?

    3. I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say, but if you look up grunge fashion you'll see what I'm talking about

  2. I really hope the 60s trend takes off! I have so many original 60s pieces left in my wardrobe from last summer, so I hope I can wear them now again and maybe some will appreciate the era more!

  3. I completely agree, I have been a huge fan of grunge clothes for a good year or two, before it really came in, not intentionally I didn't think one day oh I want to dress like someone from the 90s now, I just genuinely like the clothes from that time and built up my little collection of clothes I love that just happen to be considered 'grunge'. But seriously nothing annoys me more than seeing some 12 year old walking around wearing a band t-shirt of someone they don't even know thinking they're cool... I'm sorry my rant is over haha. I do love the outfits above though, the last few are kind of 60's meets grunge, it's genius! x

  4. I love the look on the girl with the white berret, she looks so pretty and so does the one next to her.

  5. I do agree with you on the short hair changing your idea of what to wear. I had pretty long ombre hair and then basically got a page boy haircut. I used wear a lot of grungey like clothes and then after I chopped off my hair I felt like I needed to simplify my outfits.


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