Monday, July 8, 2013


Top- Forever 21, Shorts- H&M, Creepers- T.U.K., Sunglasses and Earrings- Flashbacks 
     When I saw this top I gasped. Even though I try to not support Forever 21, it was one of those things I would have been dumb to pass up. I had been looking for just a cropped top like this the day I found it, and not only did it support my checkers obsession but it was only $8. So sorry. Not sorry. It's the closest I'll ever come to the Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2013 collection from my dreams. 


  1. This one of greatest outfits I've ever seen coming out of H&M and F21!

  2. great great great!..i love that picture before the last one..

  3. Really grat. But to look so you have to spend much time on dressing up. I have some tips on how to save up time on cookin, so that you can dedicate more of it to clothes: Recipes & Ideas for On-Campus Cooking.

  4. Diggin this photo sesh/ outfit

  5. you're too cute.
    i love this outfit so much.


  6. I love your style! You look amazing in every single photo



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