Monday, July 1, 2013

California Dreaming

Dress- DIY (yeah, das right), Socks and little baby barrette- Target, Shoes- Forever 21 
     Not going to lie, I'm super proud of this dress. I took a sewing class second semester and in it we made two pieces; I chose pants and a 60s styled shift dress. I made the pants first, and let's just say they make me want to throw up. So when I started making this dress I was pretty discouraged. But then I ended up pleasantly surprising myself and regaining courage in the idea that maybe even I can sew. Also, I totally chose baby blanket material for the fabric so its ridiculously soft. 
    The title of this post is referencing a song by easily one of my new favorite bands, The Cosmonauts. This summer I've been getting pretty into the local music scene in my area. I've already seen this band twice including last night at this cute lil music store in Fullerton called Burger Records. I highly suggest you give them a listen. Or check out their facebook page. Trust me, they're cool.


  1. I love the mod look! The shoes and the socks really compliment the dress-I can't believe you made it yourself! xx

  2. you look adorable- that dress is amazing <3

  3. Woe! I can't believe you made that! I totally thought it was vintage! Fabulous shoes too! I bet they go with everything :)

  4. Your dress and those pictures are so great, but you already know that. Ah I can't believe you made it, it's so perfect :D Will have to check out the Cosmonauts, definitely. Love looking through your blog your style and photos are great :)


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