Thursday, January 23, 2014


Blazer–vintage YSL, pants–Urban Outfitters, shoes–T.U.K. 
And I present to you my last Italy post. Really. I swear. 
Even though I've been home for over a month, I just finished going through photos. It's been interesting reflecting on the experience because a lot of people from my program are really missing it. While I am content on my experience, and extremely thankful, I don't find myself missing Italy. Of course I miss the friends I made, but I'm really content with being home at the moment. The trip really made me appreciate home more than I ever have. Southern California is nice, I'd like to stay a while. 


  1. Hi my beautiful !
    This oufit is very nice ;)
    Kisses <3

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  3. I'm loving the art in this post! it's great!


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