Monday, July 27, 2015

The Concept of Personal Style

I hope I'm not speaking for myself when I say that defining personal style can be a stressful thing. That is the one question that whenever someone asks me, "What's your personal style?" I usually freak out, forget everything I like to wear, and blurt out something like, "Whatever I'm feeling." I feel like the concept of having a defined personal style has been a hot topic lately, especially as the minimalism trend reigns and so many bloggers out there like to use the title of a "minimalism fashion blogger." While many other bloggers seem to suddenly have it figured out, I find myself even more conscious of my lack of understanding of my style. My idea of a style icon changes at a pace like no other, from Alice Glass in high school to Edie Sedgwick in my first couple of years in college to a mix between Leandra Medine (is the bandana too obvious?) and any french girl that ever existed today. While the style I've been pursuing lately is one I feel good about and am convinced that I will continue to sport for a while now, I also thought the same in the days of my grunge/tumblr style.

Maybe personal style just something that comes with age. Or maybe the whole concept is something that only happens to some people, and for others it is just being in a state of continual change. For me I would say the latter has been true, yet as I begin to transition out of college finding my personal style is becoming more important to me, and needed to make my closet a little more packable. Yet throughout these dramatic style changes I've held constant to a few things: motorcycle jackets are a basic, when in doubt stick with stripes, and almost any outfit can be complete with a hat.


  1. Super:) xx

  2. In that way being pigeon holed by personal style isn't helpful as we're forced to be conscious to what we're wearing and in a way having style which constantly changes is somewhat discouraged? idk that's just how I feel sometimes and while I can't describe your style in one word I know what it looks like if that makes any sense


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