Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yin Yangs, Tie Dye, and a Rant About Celebrity Gossip

I feel like I'm just way too sassy in this picture, so I apologize for that. 

Yin Yang Tank-DIY, Tie Dye Dress- H&M
So today, I decided to talk about something actually somewhat meaningful. One thing I can't stand are celebrity fashion critics. I find it kind of sad that people actually are paid (or unpaid, either way its bad) to sit around and make fun of what other people wore. It's like 8th grade, but worse.
But that's not even what bugs me the most. What bugs me the most is when celebrities like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry end up on these lists. It just makes no sense to me. People like them aren't out there to be as trendy and put together as possible (usually). They're TRYING to be weird and outlandish! So it makes no sense to me why people would waste their time criticizing them, out of all people! I mean obviously they don't care, and they aren't going to change so why bother? It's part of who they are creating themselves to be. One example that bugs me would be Björk and the swan dress she wore. Yeah, it is weird, but it's Björk, what do you expect her to wear? Or Lady Gaga and her meat dress.
Another example that bugs me is the people who still criticize Kelly Osbourne's purple/grey hair. It bugged me when people first started criticizing it, but the fact that she is still getting crap about it makes no sense to me. Obviously she likes it, so just get over it. (Plus I think it's totally rad and totally works with her personality, but that's just me)
So yeah, I don't know, it all just kind of bugs me. If there is anyone out there that bothering to read this, tell me what you think. Otherwise I'd just be talking to myself, which is cool too. 

I leave you with Celebrity Skin by Hole, which I feel fits appropriately with my rant.


  1. I feel the same way! I hate, hate, hate those stupid fashion critics. Blah. I do love that Hole song, though, and I love your look!

  2. Yes! People are so criticism that they forget that criticizing other people should criticize himself. This make sense?


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