Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vomit Punk

Pants-Urban Outfitters, Arizona Tank-Thrifted, Denim Vest-Handed Down, Tie-Dye Scarf-DIY, Bag-Lucky Brand, Boots-Dr. Martens
Well, its been a while since I've posted, which is kind of pathetic considering I'm still new to this whole blogging thing. But I'll step up my game, I promise!

So this pants may be one of my favorite things I own. They high waisted, which I love high waisted stuff in general, and I also can wear them without a belt! (Pretty much all my other pants I do). And they are absolutely insane. Like, it looks like someone threw up all over them, which is totally rad!

Also, I finally committed to a college. I decided to spend the next four years of my life in the beautiful San Diego at Point Loma! I'm stoked because: 1. It's San Diego, 2. The college is a really small private school. I'm not much of a people person so that's definitely a perk for me, 3. Point Loma is LITERALLY on the beach. Some of the classrooms and dorms even have a view. It's almost a joke how perfect it is. 4. I'm one step closer to pursuing my dream working in fashion! Fashion Merchandising major fer dayz. 

Also, I decided that I'm going to start saving up for Coachella next year after finding out I missed out on the Buzzcocks this year. If you don't know who the Buzzcocks are, please listen to this. They're fantastic.


  1. those boots! love your hair soo so much in this post.

  2. Hey, wonderful Girl.
    I love your blog so much! Absolutely love your outfits!
    Just can't tell which one I like more!!
    Your pants are aaaaaamazing!
    AGH I love everything on you! :D
    ok. I'm a 100% follower :D
    check out mine


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