Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cool Schmool

Dress and Sunglasses- Flashbacks,  Creepers-T.U.K., Socks-Gift! I chanelling the 90s again?! Would you look at that. While my obsession with the 60s is still great, I haven't completely lost interest in the 90s. I tried to mix the two, and ended up with, well this. These pictures were literally taken forever ago. I have a good amount of pictures currently sitting on my camera waiting to be edited; the stress of finals however have been preventing and posting. Thankfully I survived finals (well, barely survived french) and I am done with my freshman year of college, leaving me to a whole summer of bloggin'. 
Also, my school's newspaper interviewed me recently (which you can read here if you are interested).
And I was featured on Teen Vogue's website here.
And my school had a whole page about me in the yearbook.
So it's like people think I'm cool or something....weird..... 


  1. you look amazing, love the socks so much!

  2. Great outfit, the socks just make me so happy haha x

  3. You are the next Tavi Gevinson, mark my words.

  4. GOD you are SO beautiful! Love this look...before I read it I was gonna say it's 90's by way of 60's. PERFECTION. And the socks. I love your blog so much<33


  5. You are looking so beautiful. Whole dress is gorgeous. Your socks and footwear increase your attractiveness. superb!!!


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