Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden State

Sweater-UNIF, Pants-H&M, Boots-Thrifted, Flower crown-DIY 
The day Emily and I took these pictures we were particularly feeling inspired. There was this cycle with us, some days I'd say, "Can you get a few pictures of my outfit?" (a few meaning at least 50) and just focus on getting my outfit. But there were other days when the photo taking wouldn't cease. What was meant to be a documentation of my outfit would turn into a full blow photoshoot (meaning at least 300 photos). The great thing about having Emily to take my photos is that we understand each other's madness. Both of us are into photography (although I do like her photos a lot more than mine) and are able to understand that a good blog post means more than just getting my outfit. We even have the same exact camera which makes things convient. It was great because while she would give me a lot of instruction, I was able to throw my own ideas in a lot and she could comprehend exactly what I meant. We could give the oddest sounding ideas, but each know that sometimes doing the weirdest things makes the best picture. 

This day in particular we started off at a tree that I took pictures at a few posts ago. We were expecting to go over there and just feel totally inspired and take all these great photographs. While we did get a few ones, we found ourselves in a rut. One thing I really like about my campus is that there are all these interesting hidden spots that are great for pictures. So after giving up on the tree, we decided to walk around. We followed this road to the entrance of a neighborhood with a sign out front that said "Private Property, No Trespassing " So naturally, we walked onto the private property. 

This is Emily. She is one of the most genuine, inspiring people I know. While I do have a few more outfit posts with pictures taken by her, I'm beginning to run out and its really making me sad. Going to take pictures with her was such a unique experience (as well as really fun) and while we will be able to team up again, it won't be for a while because we are both studying abroad this fall. She also has this really great talent for writing alongside photography and recently decided to start a blog. I really encourage you all to check out her blog and give her some love. 

You can find her blog HERE.


  1. these photos are great and you're friend so talented!

  2. Your friend is really talented, gorgeous pictures! Your hair band is awesome. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger


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