Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bottle Rocket

Top-Gift, Skirt and Boots-Thrifted, Sunglasses-Flashbacks, Earrings-H&M
      Trends are so interesting. Especially how fast they move; one second you could be absolutely obsessed with something, the next it makes you feel sick when you still see it. For me this is flower crowns. Now, I know I JUST did a post in which I was wearing one, but I honestly made that decision to wear it for the way it would look with the scenery I was shooting in, rather to be like "Oh look at me in my flower crown I'm so cool and trendy omg!" While in certain circumstances I think the flower can still be done right, for the most part all I associate them with now are Coachella fan girls running around in a flower crown they bought for $50 at Urban Outfitters and a Nirvana shirt they got at Brandy Melville. I call them the "Brandy Melville Crowd." And it doesn't stop there. The other day I was sitting around bored, so I naturally turned on Bravo, because what else do you do when your bored. The show "Long Island Princesses" was on, and basically the best way to describe this show is a mix between Jersey Shore and Real Housewives. It's as terrible as it gets. But whilst watching it, I noticed one of the girls on it was wearing, yep you guessed it, a flower crown. I literally was wanting to scream at my tv "PLEASE CAN THIS TREND DIE ALREADY?!?!?!"
       The thing that baffles me with this flower crown phenomena is the fact that they were introduced a year ago, yet people act like its this brand new thing this summer. I know I didn't invent the trend, but for some reason it bugs me that the same people who last year questioned why I would incorporate them in my style are just now wearing them. Maybe it is wrong for me to be bugged by this? I mean I guess that's what experimenting with trends is all about.


  1. I actually can't wait for the flower crown trend to die so I can finally start wearing them =P Lol!

  2. love your style so much, cute crop top and beautiful photography x

  3. you're so perfect!!
    love the sunglasses!

  4. Could you be any sexier..? Looking super sensational.. Loved the outfit and that fabulous pair of sunglasses for women.. :) XOXO

  5. Super awesome! Great selection of Western Dresses for Girls.. :) Muuwaahaa


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