Saturday, December 27, 2014

Motel Romper

I've teamed up with Motel again, this time showing how I would take this romper from day to night. I absolutely love this romper. The long sleeves really make it for me, giving it more of a retro look. The pattern and color make it super easy to pair with things. The fabric is also lightweight and soft, making it really comfortable! 

Day Look: 

For this look I really wanted to keep it simple and show off the cut and sleeves. I paired it with my hat because it would be a personal sin if I didn't try to wear this hat with every outfit I put on. I liked that the Chelsea boots gave it a more contemporary look as well. 

(Romper c/o Motel // Hat- Brixton // Shoes- Vagabond // Necklace- World Market // Sunglasses c/o zeroUV)

Night Look:

I'm a big advocate of wearing a leather jacket with everything, this romper being no exception. I liked that it gave the romper an edgier look. I decided to add the fur to dress it up a little bit. 

(Romper c/o Motel // Fur- Nordstrom // Shoes- Miu Miu)


  1. This is beautiful! In love with these outfit - love love love

  2. I lovelovelove that romper and am obsessed with your day look!

  3. I looove both of these looks, that romper is gorgeous!

  4. omg I love both looks so much and Miu Miu and a Nordstrom jacket!? You lucky thing!

  5. Wow! I love everything about the outfit, love your makeup too.

    Qing's Style

  6. Love both of these looks!

  7. nice:) xx

  8. I LOVE YOU STYLE SO MUCH! I'm on your blog for the first time but I will probably visit more often now, because it's so lovely. Following you :)

    ? my blog ?

  9. love the first look! and those miu miu shoes are quite something!

  10. Love the day look. The miu miu shoes are so unique. Love it.

    Eea P

  11. I love both day & night looks but the night version is to die for, I'm loving the shoes and mixing fur stole + biker leather jacket is such a nice idea, it makes the difference <3


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