Friday, June 5, 2015

5 Ways I'm Wearing Jeans This Summer

To be completely honest, I really don't like shorts. I don't exactly know why this is because they used to be my favorite thing. But sometime over the last 1.5 years I began to really dislike them. I really don't find them that comfortable (maybe that's just me) especially when brands usually make them way too short so I'm constantly having to pull them down. And I just love jeans. So if you're anything like me, you're not quite ready to say goodbye to jeans over the next few months. Here are 5 ways I plan on continuing to wear jeans this summer:

1. The Culottes

Probably the closest I'd like to come to shorts. I'm looking to pair them with a strapless top, basically a skirt top, for the perfect breezy summer look.

2. The Cropped Skinny

I absolutely love the ankle-bearing skinny (scandalous!). And here is the genius part of this- no longer will your ankles be cold when you wear them! I'm looking to tuck in a bright top and wear lace up gladiator sandals with them, as well as a matching brown belt.

3. The Bellbottoms

I have yet to find the perfect high waisted flared jeans that aren't $200. But when I do, I'll be a changes woman. This style is obviously trendy right now, and I plan on channeling Jane Birkin with a good fitted t-shirt.

4. White Denim

white denim
My obsession with black as completely changed into that of white, which makes this white denim trend perfect. Of course I'm going to use them to go for a Parisian look (my favorite style), and throw a bandana in there. Bonus Points: find a pair of white mom jeans.

5. The Overalls 

Did overalls really ever go out? I don't know but I've definitely switched from being tired of seeing them to loving them again. However I will not settle with short overalls, they have to be long. I plan on embracing a tom boy style with them, but throwing in a fun feminine piece like this bag to kind of switch things up.

What do you guys think? How are you planning to wear jeans this summer? 

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  1. I just adore culottes. I always thought they would look horrible on me. But I actually started wearing them a few months ago. skinny jeans can feel too tight in hot weather. And culottes are the breeziest jeans to wear in my opinion. Great picks! x kayleigh // mylittlejeans


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