Friday, June 19, 2015


Well guys, I did it. I found a pair of bellbottoms that weren't over $100. Seriously though, I searched all over in LA and could not find a pair, but just happened to find the perfect ones in a small little vintage store in Orange County. And I only spent $15 on these ones. So may that be a lesson that sometimes you need just a little bit of obsessive persistence when it comes to thrifting. Now I'm just trying to restrain myself from wearing these every single day during the week.

Photos by my friend Keet.


  1. those flares are amazing...and I really like the retro vibe to this look.

    you have such an adorable haircut! it matches your big eyes wonderfully.

  2. A simple yet cool outfit! Love the photography.

    The Runaway Journal

  3. These pictures are amazing! You definitely have to be persistent shopping second hand! X

  4. those jeans are amazing!

  5. This shoot has such a rad vibe about it! Love

  6. Love it! May I ask you what the vintage store is called? I'm always looking for more shops in OC!

    1. Dee Lux in Costa Mesa! They're great, definitely worth checking out!


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